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Staff Application.
Thank you Devi i will have another look on the application and try to fix any errors, and i'm playing more i almost have  1d of play time on the server. Hope you like my application and thanks alot <3 . 
Best regards.
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Staff Application.
What's your IGN: 
How old are you:
I'm 16 years old
What is your discord username (with #ID):
How long have you been onzyrex? (do /timeplayed):
17 hrs
Do you have a rank? If you do, What is it?:
member+ (no rank)
What's your timezone: UTC+3

What country are you from: Lebanon

How often can you be online:
during school days (monday - thursday) 3-4 hours (maybe more if i have no homework)
during the weekend (fri - sat - sun) from 8 to 10 hours 
 this could change according to some factors like having more free time or less or even having certain occasions but i'll try to have most of my time on Zyrex

Why do you want to be staff here?:
I'm a patient, responsible and a hardworking person. I would like to apply for staff on Zyrex so it would be sort of a job or what's more serious than just playing games. Becoming a staff on this server will add more experience to my future career and my pation which is moderating or helping others by an efficient way such as helping new players or any other players with any difficulties they might face. I've been staff on another server and i had great time there with my crew members which was also a skyblock server with some other gamemodes, but unfortunately the server got shut down because the owner had to give more attention to his university. I have alot of experience in minecraft as well as a staff , i've been playing minecraft almost for 5 years, and i have great experience with being staff on servers, i've also been staff on a CSGO(counter strike) server and i can deal with toxicity and hacking. I'm also a quick learner so if any new functions/additions were added i can easily get better and better in using them. I can communicate with other players that might not know how to speak english (i can speak other languages) and can communicate with shy or resistive players that have difficulties.
What do you think being a Moderator onzyrex involves?:
Being a Moderator is an extremly hard job and needs a group of serious people that can hold responsibilities. Being staff on zyrex u should expect the unexpected and I'm ready to do that, it envolves hardworking and knowing the right things to do in different situations such as in preventing a scam or greif, or even stoping hackers and spammers. it also envolves being  a nice person with ethics and morals that is always ready to answer any question or help any person that is facing a problem or even beeing bullied on the server.
Extra information?:
As mentioned before i'm a responsible person and i can take complete responsibilty of handling the server and fixing glitches or banning hackers. I've been in different situations where i had different choices where just one was right, its possible to pick wrong choices but whats better is to know what u've done wrong and fix it to become even better and rise up.
I've been playing on this server lately and i'm really enjoying my time on here so I tried applying for staff to have others also enjoy zyrex and have the best experience on here. i have the knowledge and the experience and i would really like to have a chance in becoming a staff non zyrex and hope i do thanks for reading my application and i'm ready to answer more questions on here or on discord :) 

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