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IGN: succint
Age: 15 years old (24th February)
Discord: Forcedfire#1619
PlayTime: So far it's 13 minutes, but probably by the time the application gets reviewed it will increase highly.
Rank: Member
TimeZone: GMT
Country: Malta
Amount of activity: about 3 hours per day.
Why do you want to be staff here: I want to be staff because I know how it feels when you would get ignored when you have a question and the question will remain unknown and that will put a huge dent into the community's experience. That is why I come in.
What do you think being a moderator on zyrex involve: I think to be a moderator is to be that person that gets out of his way and help others. A person who is a great role model and is always willing to help no matter what. Not a person who thinks of himself bigger than the rest, but smaller.
Extra info: even though I haven't been long I think I can still make it through and learn about the server as I go along. G'day to you.
over 2 years ago